Attention North Balwyn Dads - The Dad Bod Challenge is now live and ready to let you...
Lose 5kgs in 21 Days, Build Muscle and Strength, and
become Your Kids' Superhero
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I remember how ashamed I felt.
It was a sunny Saturday afternoon at the beach.
Noah and Michael were in the water with some other kids splashing and horsing around as kids do.

I sat down with some other dads not too far away, and we got into the footy.

I'm not sure how long we were talking for, when all of a sudden, I heard a noise that immediately knotted up my throat and made every hair on my body stand straight.

My Noah cried out. He had swum out a little too far and the waves caught him off guard.

He splashed furiously and yelled. I could tell it wasn’t a joke.

Without a second thought, I burst into a sprint and blazed over to the water, dove in, and swam furiously in order to reach him before anything went wrong.

...Or at least, that’s what I’d like to say happened.

The reality is, I was out of breath before I made it even halfway.

I was forced to stand back and watch as a younger, fitter 20-something dove in like superman and carried my kid to safety.

Everyone clapped and cheered as he brought Noah to shore. He had the image of real superhero - tall, lean, muscular. All he was missing was a cape!

Of course I was relieved. Any parent would be. But that’s not only thing I felt.

I Couldn’t Stop The Shame And Embarrassment From Washing Over Me
I’ve never been one to compare myself to other guys too much, but this was another thing entirely. I felt like a spotlight was on just me.
Here I was - huffing, panting and now painfully aware of my “Dad Gut” bulging out...and there he was. Not only saving the day...but having damn near every woman on the beach looking at him the way I do at a medium-rare steak.

I knew something had to change. If something like this ever happened again...I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

I wanted to be my kid’s superhero - not some other guy!

When She Told Me To Put The Boxing Gloves On, I Was Confused...And A Little Embarrassed
That following Monday I signed up for the ‘21 Day Beat The Dad Bod Challenge’.

It sounded good. Maybe a little too good to be true.

But when I showed up, met the instructors, and found out what the program was like...I couldn’t help being a little excited. Still a little unsure, yeah, but I had the strange feeling like I was finally going to beat this Dad Bod.

Not only that, I’d heard about some of the amazing results this program one dad who went on to lose 10kgs and another who lost a whopping 17kg (pictures below).

Dads just like me who had tried a bunch of stuff in the past...failed at a lot of it...and who had just put it off for so long that it seemed like it was too late.

So why is this challenge so effective?
After just 3 rounds of the 21 Day Beat the Dad Bod Challenge, Brett is one very happy man having lost a jaw-dropping 17kg!
After just 2 rounds of the 21 Day Beat the Dad Bod Challenge, Matt lost 10kg and is the man he wants to be for his kids.
Why The Dad Bod Challenge Will Knock The Fat Right Off Your Body
The reason this challenge brings such insane results is because it doesn’t focus on traditional, boring exercise (like jogging 30 minutes every day)...

...or on strict and restrictive diets that make you give up everything you enjoy (Yes, it IS possible to be in great shape while still enjoying pizza, beer, and ice cream).

Why this method works so well is because it’s the same thing boxers like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao use to get into superhuman condition for their fights.

No jumping jacks or endless sit ups here - instead you’ll be working on punching power, sharpening your reflexes, and achieving lightning-fast mobility (while feeling like Mike Tyson and ensuring that your kids always feel safe around you).

These exercises burn calories like crazy, too - but they’re so fun and intense that the minutes will fly by and a 45-minute workout will feel like only 5 minutes went by.

On top of that, you’re packing on muscle and strength at the same time - the kind that makes everyone’s eyes hone in on you when you take your shirt off at the beach.

Here are some of the most important reasons why this program is essential for any dad trying to ditch their dad bod and impress everyone they know.
9 Ways the Dad Bod Challenge Will Change Your Life
#1 Become Your Kid’s Superhero - The situation above is never something you’ll have to worry about. Your kids will love to have you along for their events so that they can show you off to everybody (“Woah...who’s dad is that?).
#2 Burn Your Dad Gut Right Off - My calorie-torching, no-nonsense exercises will make your bulge vanish before your very eyes (while at the same time forging a hard set of abs that will be ready to see the light of day).

#3 Quadruple Your Endurance - There’s a reason boxers use the same methods to achieve superhuman conditioning. You’ll outrun, outpace, and perform anyone who tries to keep up with you (and never fail to keep up with your kids again).

#4 Feel Amazing and Energized - No more feeling groggy, fatigued, or just like you lack energy in general. You’ll turn back the clock on your body and get back the energy you had in your 20s.

#5 Be An Inspiration To Your Kids - There’s no kid in the world that won’t want to be the absolute best they can be after seeing their dad kicking butt. The pride and confidence that comes with being a role model to your kids is second to none.

#6 Increase Your Strength and Muscle Mass - You won’t just burn off insane body fat - you’ll also be building muscle mass and developing the kind of explosive strength boxers do to knock out their opponents (Just dare your buddies to egg you on once this happens).

#7 Stay In Great Shape For The Rest of Your Life - The practices, exercises, and habits we teach you aren’t just for the short term. You’ll be ingrained with fundamental lifestyle changes that will make being in amazing shape a way of living (for as long as you please).

#8 Better Sex Life - The increased energy and testosterone this program gives you will boost your sexual health and really get you back in gear again. (Let’s just say your wife will be very happy that you took the challenge).

#9 Lose 5kgs Minimum Guaranteed - Otherwise we’ll work with you for free until it happens. After that, the rewards are yours to keep.
What Other Dads Have To Say About The Challenge
"I haven't seen my abs since high school! My only regret is not doing this sooner."
"Even after a long day at work, I have all the energy I need to play with the kids"
"Love the training, love the food. It's easy to keep going when you can see results"
About Your Trainer
Chris Bedarov went through a dramatic transformation journey in his adolescent years, losing 30kg and getting into the best shape of his life. He has fought competitively in MMA, kickboxing and Brazilian Jujitsu.
He is a qualified Cert III Group Fitness Instructor and Cert IV Personal trainer, KettleworX instructor, has his working with children’s check, and has worked in group fitness for over 5 years, showing others how to get the same results he did in his journey.

On top of that, he is a 3 time “Fitter Faster Stronger” Victorian state finalist, and has even hosted a charity event where he performed burpees for 3 hours, wearing a 10kg weighted vest and raised just under $2000.
Only 6 Spots Left
Due to the 1-on-1 and personalized nature of the program, there are only 6 spots available for any regular dad who wants to turn into SuperDad.
If you have any hesitations whatsoever, sign up now and book your appointment while it’s still available - there’s no risk to you at all and all the spots will be filled up soon.